Thursday, December 29, 2005

You, Me, Us & Them [est. 1987]

The title of this series You, Me Us & Them comes from "The Ruling Class" with Peter O'Toole. To me it supremely reflects the nature of the multi-contributor recordings I do. For two strong years, 1987-88, this series has had one prime compositional purpose: to create a dense and thick sonic concoction, with as many contributors as possible.

You, Me, Us and Them - Savor Combustable Subcultures
You, Me, Us and Them 17 - Savor Combustable Subcultures with Fever Spoor from Holland and Kazuhiro Ohtsuka and Zan Hoffman too, created right after I turned 39 in June 2003.

You, Me, Us and Them - Dupe 27 Oblivious Conscripts

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