Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Zanstones [est. 1983]

Zanstones --> Since 1983 exploring new audio realms.

007 > 40 x 40
The seventh tape "40 x 40" took longer than any other tape in my catalog to make. I commissioned everyone I was writing at the time to send me 40 second pieces to work with and I proceeded to make forty 40 second compositions figuring that the time restriction allowed for many small ideas to be presented that may not stand on their own for longer duration. The result is still what I consider brilliant after all these years. A true 'ZH27 Classic'.

012 > Fundamental Frequency: Volume and Variety
"FF; Volume and Variety" is unquestionably my most celebrated release. For many years it was my most distributed tape. It captures my techniques and compositional verve at a real high. This tape uses sounds and voices by E. Oliva [it], Robert Ommundsen [no], Robert I Gillham [uk], Barry Edgar Pilcher [uk] , Fendrums [ky], Het Zweet [nl], and Dog as Master [in].

017> Calypso Catastrophe
This was recorded during my senior year at college and includes samples from Mike Stevens and myself matched up against a variety of backdrops..

034 > We'll Drive 'ol Scratch Away
Jeff likes it when I just PLAY + here I am in my element. Scratchin', scrapin', squeekin', howlin' and gettin' down wif it. This is perhaps the 36th Zanstones (mid period) and a confident work that gives an occasional hint to the rarely divulged fact that I live in Kentucky. With material by Agog [ca] , Ditto [nl], PBK [mi], Runzlestirn & Gurglestock [ch] and John Wiggins [ny].

102 > Now Live
This is a concert recording took place in Now Music and Fashions in Arlington, VA on May 2001. Zanstones and v. each performed a set then collaborated for a third joint set. Found sounds, percussion, homemades, record player abuse plus extra noise.

107 > Elusive Instructions of Fortune
Featuring Thomas Eklund [se], this 700th ZH27 release continues some of the pioneering techniques used on
ZH27 699 Museum of Frenzy by Zanoisect. This arrangement of acoustic sounds has a different feel from the recent Zanstones releases of this year. I had assembled a variety of soundings and voices but was not satsified with the mix, then I realized the sound sources I recieved from Sweden would be perfect to complete this work.

120 > The Spiffo Report
You don't have clearance for me to tell you anything further about this work.

126 > Slaakhuis: Live in Rotterdam, Holland
Zanstones confuses the Dutch masses with this live display of wacked rhythms, whacked vocals, and chewing sounds.

133 > Dutch Wiggle
From winter 2005 Zanstones dabble in winter 2004 recordings, contribute new warbles and set afoot on a Dutch Wiggle.

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