Friday, February 03, 2006

Elevation of Anxiety: Minoy Collaborations [est. 1985]

The Elevation of Anxiety works are my collaborations with Minoy recorded by both of us (sometimes his mix - as in all of the minoy\zannoy tapes; sometimes mine).

Aquabatic Bubble Gum - Elevation of Anxiety #2
These started in 1985 when I mixed together a couple Minoy tapes. The titles with lots of M's and Z's are part of this series which evolved as we sent tapes back and forth, adding more goodies to each other's mix. These also include Aquabatic Bubblegum, Dubzanmex and Zanminoysextra.

Minoy/Zannoy - Chicago K-mart Call
Elevation of Anxiety Opus. No. 45

XYZ Blurs Glad Meat Rags
XYZ Blurs Glad Meat Rags
is another dizzying whirlwind adventure through Minoy sources. Either of these could be the soundtrack to your nightmares where you fall off a cliff, but never land.

RoZaMoMiHoY - Without Horses Knowledge
RoZaMoMiHoY is from the era ('87) and features RoLMo, Minoy and myself. This one is demented and loopy, creating a symphony of cacophony.

Prescott-Minoy-Prescott - PMP by Z
Dave Prescott
electronic synthesist from Boston dueled up with Minoy. They had a seperate collaborative project at one point called PM and this was my unreleated collaborative angle on combining the two men.

Multiple Minoy - The Sequel w/o A Beginning A traditional Minoy combination starters to hear is Monochrome Melodrama with its use of voices, drones, short wave, and undulating synthesis. Another work in this style is Multiple Minoy which employs more wit in its construction and treatment than most tapes. These tapes, though odd, are considerably more soothing than many of the above-mentioned releases.

Minoy/Zannoy - Why Jake Hobo Ate Whey
What's not to love about this work? It is as unrequested as you get, but heavens it has a busy charm that's hard to pin down.

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