Monday, January 14, 2008

ZH27 releases on other net labels

This release has been produced by ZH27 for the project The Twists and Turns of the Loved and Hated ... Now is available on mp3 format through Chew-Z Netlabel.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Zanteson > Net Label [est. 2005]

Established late 2005 Zanteson is the net label for ZH27 label recordings.

Archive --> Thirty-eight 30 minute releases from 1984 to present

new--> the player above has releases I've posted as podcasts at Podomatic.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Return of 1988

Releases from 1988 revisited!
Rude Awakening by Unatoba on podomatic.

Bodycocktail [est. 1993]

Bodycocktail presents bent out of shape proto new wave song cycle started 1993

Bodycocktail --> One song excerpts from #68 forward.
050 > Audiobiographical Tidbits
065 > Information Trials
070 > Ripe For the Plucking
114 > It's in the Details [4 songs]
115 > The Difference Between What I See & What I Feel [4 songs]
124 > Back to the Man [1 song]
127 > Offer No Excuses [2 songs]
128 > Once Functionable [2 songs]

Friday, February 03, 2006

Creamy Porn Stars [est. 1997]

Those Creamy Porn Stars! Loops and loops with loops and more loops. Yes, just what ZH27 was lacking was a project based entirely on loop music. I'm feeling better already. Starting in October 1997 I spent quite a bit of time sampling and looping recordings from my vast home-taper collaborative tapes...and when I get them going, just so, you'll be pleased at the result.

Cranky Powerless Shalavas! 21 Cranky Powerless Shalavas! from October 2002 was recorded in the back of Artswatch in Louisville, KY before a Sapat show using battery powered equipment only and it's surprisingly gnarly.

24 Creamy Porn Stars know The Color Pink Sells Barking up another tree 24 Creamy Porn Stars know The Color Pink Sells is another roundabout way of making twisted entertainment for the loopy age. Reoccuring electronic "beat" drives through your psyche.

Here Be Monsters [est. 1987]

Here Be Monsters --> Multi-layer international home-taping experiments begun in 1987.
From January 1992 and featuring Adam Bohman [uk], Agog [ca], Crow [uk], De Fabriek [nl], Factor X [uk], Kazuhiro Ohtsuuka [jp], Merz [es], Minoy [ca], Mystery Hearsay [tn], PBK [mi], Seiei Jack [jp], Sismoid [fr], Tuf [jp] and the Van Der Veens [nl] Thousands Are Still Asleep is still quite an evocotive work today.

Elevation of Anxiety: Minoy Collaborations [est. 1985]

The Elevation of Anxiety works are my collaborations with Minoy recorded by both of us (sometimes his mix - as in all of the minoy\zannoy tapes; sometimes mine).

Aquabatic Bubble Gum - Elevation of Anxiety #2
These started in 1985 when I mixed together a couple Minoy tapes. The titles with lots of M's and Z's are part of this series which evolved as we sent tapes back and forth, adding more goodies to each other's mix. These also include Aquabatic Bubblegum, Dubzanmex and Zanminoysextra.

Minoy/Zannoy - Chicago K-mart Call
Elevation of Anxiety Opus. No. 45

XYZ Blurs Glad Meat Rags
XYZ Blurs Glad Meat Rags
is another dizzying whirlwind adventure through Minoy sources. Either of these could be the soundtrack to your nightmares where you fall off a cliff, but never land.

RoZaMoMiHoY - Without Horses Knowledge
RoZaMoMiHoY is from the era ('87) and features RoLMo, Minoy and myself. This one is demented and loopy, creating a symphony of cacophony.

Prescott-Minoy-Prescott - PMP by Z
Dave Prescott
electronic synthesist from Boston dueled up with Minoy. They had a seperate collaborative project at one point called PM and this was my unreleated collaborative angle on combining the two men.

Multiple Minoy - The Sequel w/o A Beginning A traditional Minoy combination starters to hear is Monochrome Melodrama with its use of voices, drones, short wave, and undulating synthesis. Another work in this style is Multiple Minoy which employs more wit in its construction and treatment than most tapes. These tapes, though odd, are considerably more soothing than many of the above-mentioned releases.

Minoy/Zannoy - Why Jake Hobo Ate Whey
What's not to love about this work? It is as unrequested as you get, but heavens it has a busy charm that's hard to pin down.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art [est. 1985]

Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art --> Started in 1985 as a multi-collaborative international home taping collage exploration.
Wrangle, Tangle and Finagle It
featuring: Aatmaa vs. Swamp Up Nostrils [ct/no], Jorge Cabargas [cl], Billy Catfish [oh], Dieson Cristiano [it], DJet [ru], Doodleinacacoon [au], Duo Inmortales [cl], ememe [jp], Minuit [es], November [de], Patrick Parent [be], Jos Smolders [nl] and Violet [dc] this is the 33rd release by Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art from August 2006.

You, Me, Us & Them [est. 1987]

The title of this series You, Me Us & Them comes from "The Ruling Class" with Peter O'Toole. To me it supremely reflects the nature of the multi-contributor recordings I do. For two strong years, 1987-88, this series has had one prime compositional purpose: to create a dense and thick sonic concoction, with as many contributors as possible.

You, Me, Us and Them - Savor Combustable Subcultures
You, Me, Us and Them 17 - Savor Combustable Subcultures with Fever Spoor from Holland and Kazuhiro Ohtsuka and Zan Hoffman too, created right after I turned 39 in June 2003.

You, Me, Us and Them - Dupe 27 Oblivious Conscripts

Zanoisect [est. 1985]

Zanoisect --> since 1985 exploring obscure, austere and relentless audio options

89 > Born Light
Featuring Stolen Light [pa] rescued by Borft [se] completed the night of Beverly's car horn disturbance, March 2006.

88> Feel Harm Sonic
Krabatof Philarmonic Orchestra (ch) are the proud recipients of the Zanoisect treatment in this episode.

87 > Groping Knell
The second of two collaborations with Gintas K (lt) "Groping Knell" is the 87th Zanoisect production.

86 > Xenophile Experimental Density Hamper
My new friend from the Basque country Xedh (es) sent me some fine collaborative noises which I created this release out of.

85 > Jovian Corners
Fruit of this years collaboration with Jorge Castro (pr) is the 85th installment of Zanoisect.

83> Nape Alm Ed. 5
My collaboration with the noise world's most networked contact Napalmed (cz).

78 > Silt of Estranged Desires
Silly nice this austere and gentle number.

77 > Surgical Redistricting From Mars
Featuring Surgical Mental Klinik [jp]and Invaders From Mars [jp]

75 > Fresh Treacherous Postures Articulated
with fever spoor [nl] kazuhiro ohtsuka [jp]

74 > Open Ear Tap
monobrain headhunter
[nl], zwarre [swe], guerroeterna [pr], dnasnow [nl/ky], jorge castro [pr], chilly chill [la]

73 > The Efficency of Poverty
with Petra & Emil Matko [slo], Thaniel Ion Lee [in] & Gelsomina [fi].

72 > The Peon Sell Out
with matt davis

71 > for end (sic)

70 > I'd Rather Meditate on Nothing

60> Frisky Edge Core
Tricky little number this one - lots of variety featuring Harlan Lyman [ch] and my next door neighbour Jason Schooling [ky].

61> Sauntering Sugar Betty
On Sauntering Sugar Betty, Zanoisect demonstrates their mastery of electro acoustic drones.

59> Museum of Frenzy Museum
Of Frenzy was recorded at various museums of the Smithsonian Institution using three cheap low quality portable tape recorders-one cheap "boombox" and 2 dictaphones. Zan Hoffman and Jeff Surak each recorded the environment. when they each had thirty minutes they switched tapes, and played back what was recorded and that was re-recorded onto one of the tapedecks. they walked around and played the tapes, waved them around, played with the volume, cover the speakers with their hands, changed the playback speed etc while recording other environmental sounds. several times they were stopped by security guards but they kept on recording. art galleries are normally quiet places so the unexpected blasts of lofi noise were confusing to any people in the galleries. zan mixed the three tapes by playing them back and recording them again on the poor quality boombox, so none of the recordings were ever "directly inputted" into the tapes decks--all are condensor mic recordings. the jeff remixes used the source tapes and feature minimal digital processing.

58 > 100% Organic Poison
Then the first of the D.C. noise releases 100% Organic Poison utilizes all manner of recordings made with portable cassette decks and composed and encrusted digitally. This work hails from late May and is the 15th release of the year at ZH27, recorded after a hectic Memorial Day where I digitized and coverted to cdr and then mp3 formats 18 recent Zanoisect masters!

57 > Italians
From the end of April 2001 comes an unexpected wonder Italians.

56 > Zan's Tangled Hair
with ames sanglantes [can] and dare I say, noisy?

55 > Bastard Caste

54 > Outermost Needs
Featuring Outermost [jp]

53 > Rehabilitating Discredited Crust

50 > Tinder of Landmarks
Tinder of Landmarks is a nice an cruncy sometimes noisy othertimes murky venture. Soundings coinciding with the Kentucky Derby Festival kickoff event.

49 > Trial in the Valley of Decision
My good friend Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp] and I have been trading again and he sent a new collaboartive recording in April which I treated and am calling Trial in the Valley of Decision. Mostly his sounds and noises but then there are some zan voices of old which he layers on top of which creates a real interesting effect.
48 > Skinchy Rotters Up
Then in early April I did a crusty work Skinchy Rotters Up.

47 > Sweet and Condensed Sizzling Bacon
This was followed by an expiriment in pure sound mixing and executing called
Sweet and Condensed Sizzling Bacon.

46 > Obsessive Niave Questions
A new source cdr from my comrage onq in italy inspired the next release. Onq and his friend Marlo [it] created a one-off work which I sampled and expanded upon for delightful new work "Ongoing Niave Questions

43> FAT
Falling Apart Together

41 > Of Shivering Timbre
With alarmingly quick response time I created the forty-first Zanoisect tape in reply to a request for a 30 minunte split tape with a canadian label. Of Shivering Timbre uses a new wireless studio technique that's all crazy and stuff!

40> Making Distant Subject
Making Distant Subject
from November is the fortieth Zanoisect release and come is two part. The first crunchy and the second numbing.

38 > Quantized Turpitude
This is a wonderous experiment which came out quite well, methinks.

36 > Torn About Blows
Torn About Blows
is the first release after my daughter was born, and is a blown out winded number of some intensity.

35 > And Appropriation is Thy Name
and appropration is thy name
comes from mid February, 1999, and takes on a swath of pretentious mid 80's em tapes hoping to make interesting mattter out of turgid dreck. The result is quite interesting. Jan, of Borft Records says "Reminds me about when I was in Disney World/Florida 11 years old, different sounds everywhere, sounds, sounds..."

34 > Ream a ruin
Then from early February, 1999, are two releases created exclusively using new sounds source material sent the previous day by Kazuhiro Ohtsuka [jp]. Nerima Run is the first, and fairly cohesive work, and this is followed by they massively dimembered Ream a Ruin.

33 > Nerima Run

32 > Victim of Warmth
A beautiful encounter with a set of silver gates on the last day of January 1999. And from this emerge The Point of Frigidity and Victim of Warmth. These two releases have become quite popular... "I like this spooky stuff. Superious" enthuses Jan of Borft.

31 > The Point Of Frigidity

29 > Further Breakdown
Microsonic experimentation.

28 > Her Hei
On January 10th and 11th I made some new releases based on recordings Adam Bohman sent me of modern German religious music from the 70's. The first Found Hair on Sink... is wilder, and Her Hei is sparser, but stilly mighty curious.

26 >Tear Within Dowsed Moments Dementia

25 > The Faint End of a Stick

24 > Clear Now

23 > Beleaguered Insight
The four new works came out of the 12 tape series I completed in December. Beleaguered Insight and Clear Now from Dec. 31st, and the Faint End of a Stick and tear within dowsed moments dementia"

20 > Zon IO
Leaving this world behind, Zon-IO takes you in and out of temporal concerns. Generously abstract vibrations stretching as far as the ear can see.

20 > Zon-O
Zon-O is a Zanoisect project based on entranced accordion abstractions. A tasty, full spectrum sound configuration moodily shifting, created in the last days of May 1998.

1986 > Zanoisex411

A Chime Horn and Song for Thou is a lo-fi experimental recording from 1992. Delightful or unendurable? 'Tis for you to choose.

You Can Eat Dead Moons / Crying on the Sun is two 15 minute compositions recorded in 1986. "Eat" is a smeary dive into the netherworlds with Mystery Hearsay and ECDM ("Anytime, you can listen"). "Crying" is propelled by the magical distorted rhythms of Sismoid and mutated by the curious recordings of T.Diez.